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Worksource Oregon PSA

Times Have Been Tough is a Worksystems Inc. PSA we created promoting Worksource Oregon. Furman Pictures played a leading production and post production role for this video production in Portland, Oregon.

School Moves – Part 2

Nothing says professional like having a cat assist you. You be the judge. Check out this web streaming/ v blogging studio Furman Pictures built for School Moves near Vancouver, Washington. Debra spent a lot of time and money on sets and backgrounds before she finally asked for help.

Ever Wonder if Mother Earth is Real?

Ever wonder if Mother Earth is real? Hestia Home Biogas just launched the commercial produced by Furman Pictures. It features a family surprised when the “magic” of biogas turns out to be real magical guest.

Hestia creates biogas generators that can convert compost into gas for cooking at home, powering generators or even fueling vehicles. Some cities are using Hestia’s industrial units to digest the city’s composed and in turn fuel their dump trucks. Hestia biogas generators are also on the roofs of some of a number of well know forward thinking companies across the country.

The production was filmed in Eugene, Oregon. Furman Pictures is based in the Northwest, serving Portland, Oregon and the world.

To see other behind the scenes clips from this project, visit Furman Pictures on Facebook.

5 Tips to Save Legal Fees On a Film or Video Project

5 Tips to Save Legal Fees On a Film or Video Project

By: Nikia Furman, Film Maker

1. Get signed contracts before you engage with others services or collaboration.

2. Write your own contract, or even make a simple list, with all the details you think are necessary and then email it to your attorney before meet in person or on the phone. It serves as a quick reference for you attorney and can save them a lot of time asking you what you want. They just have to fill in the details you may have overlooked.

3. Set a budget for legal fees. Treat them like every other crew member. If you are on a tight budget, keep looking for an attorney until you find one who agrees to the amount you are offering. They can adjust the services they offer to fit your budget. If you can’t find anyone that says yes, raise your budget and try again.

4. Fresh Meat: Use an attorney who is new to the film and video industry. They’ll sometimes work for half the price of other attorneys. It will give you some legal security and clout when negotiating contracts. Watch out though! They also tend to write unnecessarily large contracts and are prone to bill for more hours.

we could all live without attorneys if we simply communicated clearly

5. Anarchy! Some attorneys like to be really vague and make it seem like understanding legal contracts and the legal system is way above you. Anarchists believe that we don’t need third parties like government and attorney’s interfering. The truth is, we could all live without attorneys if we simply communicated clearly with each other, had perfect memories and were all honest.

Attorneys help people communicate more clearly with each other in documents that everyone can reference when they forget (whether on accident or on purpose) what they agreed to in the first place.

So, if an attorney isn’t being clear with you up front, or seems even moderately intimidating, save yourself trouble and find someone nicer. After all, its a free country!

One more thing, keep in mind that law is more of an art form than a science. Any contract is open to interpretation by the courts. More experienced attorneys will know what has worked in the past for all parties involved.

On Location Day 1 Millers Wheel Production (videos)

We are doing new video posts called On Location. These are quick, rough video clips, updates and behind-the-scenes footage we take in the field or at the office. We hope these clips will give you insights into how we work, how video production and post works in general and how our video services can benefit you. You can also watch or subscribe to our On Location Playlist on Youtube. Here is Furman Pictures On Location this last week:


Video Updates: Location Scouting for Nelson Wright’s “Millers Wheel”

This week, Nelson Wright and I went location scouting, did some auditions and worked on storyboards for a music video from his upcoming album. We visited the Issiquah Train Depot Museum, Georgetown Seattle and a couple other places. Check out these two onsite video updates:


How Video Analytics Help Your Business

Big-Double-Computer-IMG_1870Internet video has grown tremendously recently, but online video marketing dollars have not followed suit. In this post, we’ll take a look at what video analytics are and how they uncover myths that cause businesses to stumble with video marketing.

In the not so distant past, video marketing results out side of television broadcasts were difficult to measure, not to mention, barely accessible. Then came the internet. We think of the internet as having been around awhile, but we forget the rise of video has largely developed only in the recent past, really starting in 2006, growing by 73% from 71 Million to 123 million unique viewers in 1 year, then to 180 million viewers in 2009 where it has held somewhat steady.

We know those statistics because online video brings the ability for every business and individual to be able to track how many times a given video is viewed, how much of it is seen, as well as the viewer’s actions proceeding and following the viewing. That is video analytics.

Analytics have helped us understand many things, like how an online product is much more likely to sell when accompanied by a related video.

Yet studies show that as a trend, businesses are not taking advantage of the data analytics provide. Here’s an example: Businesses in general are still spending far less on ads for online video programming compared to television programming, sometime’s more than 50% less. Why is that? A report by Cisco found that most businesses still believe that video advertising in short form online content is not as effective at TV, when in fact, analytics show the opposite is true. Effectiveness of online ads are as effective as television ads. Not only that, digital and cross-media campaigns result in improved targeting.

So, how can your business or organization use analytics to improve effectiveness?

  1. At the most basic level, you can post your video on a site like Youtube or Vimeo and keep track of the number of views compared with other videos you have created.
  2. At the next level, your web master can create tracking code, or take advantage of Google Analytics, to for more advanced tracking of users actions.
  3. Beyond that, along with a significantly larger budget, there are many companies that will keep track of even more actions that users might take related to your video, website and costumers interaction with the two.

How do those numbers turn into profit? Research by comScore show that website visitors are 64% more likely to buy a product on an online retail site after watching a video. Numbers are important. In short, if your business is not taking advantage of video and analytics at some level, you are missing out. What are your numbers?

-Nikia Furman
Director, Cinematographer

Budgeting for Video Marketing: Where to Start

nConnect Urban ForestryIt can be difficult knowing just how much you should budget for media marketing. Here are some factors that will help you know how much to spend.

First lets look some statistics. The Online Publishers Association says 80% of people remember watching a video on a website they visited in the last month. Of those, 46% took action and 12% purchased the specific product featured in the ad.

According to ComScore, website visitors are 64% more likely to buy a product after watching a video.

A typical business will spend between 3% and 8% on marketing.

Conservatively, you can then break that down into spending about 5% of your marketing budget specifically on video, or about 5% of the expected profits from a campaign.

However, many spend considerably more than just 5% on video marketing simply because video can be so effective. For example, if video is a key component for an event that includes your primary call to action, you could justify spending 50% or more of the event budget on the media piece.

You can also get more bang for your buck by using a specialized media company. For example, my company can usually deliver 10% to 40% greater results than media clients create in house or by using other companies. That difference is due to a 15 point analysis I’ve developed for my non profit clients. (We will save the topic of how not all video marketing or fundraising is created equal for another post.)

Lets look at a small campaign where the goal is to raise $100,000. If you use a video to make your key appeal at an event, you’ll likely increase your returns by at least 10%. So by spending under $10,000 on a video fundraising piece, you will likely still make a profit. In fact you could make $20,000 to $40,000 or more.

In a larger campaign, say a $1,000,000 campaign, the results could be even better. You could bring in as much as $200,000 to $400,000 more. Again, I have to stress these results would only come from a stratigic media piece and not likely from a video created by a volunteer or internal staff member who “does video on the side.”

Alternatively, you don’t want to spend too much on a video. If you are working on a smaller campaign and you expect the profits to be around $50,000 for example, it doesn’t really make sense to spend more than $5,000 where you would just be breaking even.

Keep in mind that a video’s worth is more than what it might bring in at a single event, since it will likely have a long shelf life and can be shown over and over again in various ways and places for a year or two.

Also, the bigger your budget is, likely the less you’ll need to spend on marketing. Walmart, for example, spends only 2-3% of its budget on advertising simply because it’s total budget is so large. However, the larger your available budget, the more you’ll want to maximize your resources by creating videos that focus on segments of your market or constituency, using surveys or focus groups to make sure you are meeting their needs and using higher end video production techniques, talent, graphics, etc. In a larger campaign, these elements will add hundreds of thousands, possibly millions of dollars, in income.

Questions or comments? Feel free to post them below or contact me personally.

Next month we’ll take a look at video analytics and what results you can expect from posting a single video versus multiple videos.

July Video Marketing Recap:
I had some good feedback from last months post, A Helpful Video Marketing Checklist. No takers on the survey however. Let me know if you have questions you would like addressed or topic suggestions for upcoming posts.

Summer Lineup

The summer has been flying by with projects at Furman Pictures.

A sizable project for one of the nations largest engineering firms has kept things hopping. Details of the project cannot be made available, but the project is consistent with Furman Picture’s goal of working with high-end clients that demand professional services.

Intern Luis Iniguez, a student from the Camas high school, has joined Furman Pictures for the summer. Iniguez has gotten his hands dirty working on a marketing project, assisting with production, logging footage, editing, and learning a bit about animation.

The portion of Dr. Malcolm Smith’s video book that Furman Pictures was responsible for wrapped up last week. Smith’s multimedia book is being developed for release on the iPad. The last location was on a beautiful mosquito infested lake in the Columbia Gorge. Blood and keys were lost, but we got some good footage.

A private school promotional was also completed for another happy customer.

Miscellaneous other interviews have been filmed.

Today’s highlight was collecting bids and arranging for practical effects on a simulated car crash coming up. Nice to connect with some of the talented people working on creative projects in and around Portland, Oregon.

Camas Video Magazine

Camas Video MagazineA new edition of Camas Video Magazine has been posted.

In this edition, iQ Credit Union tells how you can save significantly on you credit card payments, Deja Vu Camas talk about unexpected items they carry and Navidi’s Olive Oils and Vinegars talk about their unusual store and products.

Furman Pictures, LLC produces Camas Video Magazine as a service for local businesses.