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Youtuber’s New Intro

Furman Pictures has animating a new intro and subscribe animation for My Boring Channel on Youtube. Other projects include work for a non-profit, work for a top secret client, TV ads and some original content.

School Moves – Part 2

Nothing says professional like having a cat assist you. You be the judge. Check out this web streaming/ v blogging studio Furman Pictures built for School Moves near Vancouver, Washington. Debra spent a lot of time and money on sets and backgrounds before she finally asked for help.

Filming at Kazoodles Toys

I recently filmed on location at Kazoodles in Vancouver, Washington to promote the store and upcoming events. It’s a great little store and we often shop here for our kids. Kazoodles is especially great when you want some variety- something that isn’t super hero themed like everywhere else.


nConnect- Senator Patty Murray

nLight nConnect Internship

Senator Patty Murray is the keynote speaker at nConnect’s celebration tonight for key contributors, like Furman Pictures.

Furman Pictures created five promotional videos for the non-profit, each highlighting a different intern- business partnerships. nConnect used the videos both locally and in Washington, DC to promote the organization’s mission.

nConnect works together with community businesses and organizations to connect students to Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math careers.  so get to hear from students on how our volunteers in nConnect’s programs have helped them in their classwork and guided them in the workplace.

Current Projects

Pre-production for a book trailer and local video magazine as well as production on a private school promotional are currently underway at Furman Pictures. The book trailer stands out because there’s room for creativity. Unfortunately many book trailers are done poorly because of budget constraints. The challenge is to raise the bar while keeping on budget.

Humane Society

It’s great to be working with the Humane Society for Southwest Washington again this year on an appeal video for their annual auction. We met yesterday to begin planning the project which will be due this fall. It’s an honer to work with such a great group of people who provide such a humane resource to our community. There are so many animals that need homes. If you have room in your home, I encourage you consider adopting one of the many loving critters that need someone to love them. I know my wife and I hope to join the cause by making a couple adoptions this year- a cat patrol our barn and another dog to keep Jack, our Border Collie/Blue Heeler mix, company.


The red carpet is being rolled out for a local film. “Calvin” is an official selection at the 2010 San Diego Black Film Festival, January 28 through 31.

The film was written and directed by Portland, Oregon resident Charles Gould and co-directed by Tyler Benjamin. Nikia Furman, of Camas, Washington, was the Director of Photography for “Calvin.” In addition, post production services, including editing, effects, sound and graphics, were completed at Furman’s studio in Camas.

Being chosen as an official selection of the San Diego Black Film Festival is a real honor because it’s one of the top three African American film festivals in the country. In addition, “Calvin” is one of only four films accepted this year in the music video category.

The five minute film looks through the eyes of 11-year-old Calvin at the helplessness and hopelessness that domestic violence inflicts on children. The English alternative rock band Radio Head licensed their song titled “Nude” for use in the film.

Speakers at this years festival will include Danny Gluver and Spike Lee. “Calvin” screens at the festival during the 3:00 PM set on Saturday, January 30. The red carpet reception will be held January 29 at 5:30 PM.

“Calvin” was also an awarding winning short film at the 2009 Washougal Film Festival in Washougal, Washington. The majority of filming was shot in Portland with one key scene shot on Prune Hill in Camas.

Several other films are either in production or post production at Furman Pictures, LLC, including a feature length film written by Furman. Although narrative film is Furman’s passion, his production company, Furman Pictures, LLC, works with a variety of clients, providing production and post production services for film, television and corporate video.

Furman spent much of 2009 working for AMP Studios on an outdoor sports documentary series called Beyond Adventure. As Associate Producer for the series, Furman traveled to many iconic locations including Zion National Park, Death Valley, Yosemite and Patagonia. Beyond adventure currently airs on the Hope Channel, available via Direct TV.

Lookout Pass

Caleb FossI’m currently editing the back country skiing episode of Beyond Adventure featuring Caleb Foss, Jeremy Dye and Travis Hornby.

“Lookout Pass” is one of the first episodes we filmed and is the last episode of the season to be edited at Furman Pictures.

Jeremy DyeI’m laughing as I edit because Jeremy starts out one of his interviews by saying, “It’s been fun…” but he’s grimacing a bit because it’s so cold that morning so it doesn’t look like it’s been fun. I’m getting cold just remembering that morning.

Production On Beyond Adventure Comes to a Close

There’s just one last episode of Beyond Adventure to edit this month and then my work will be done with the season. Producing and editing episodes of Beyond Adventure has been a very enjoyable experience, with spectacular locations such as Patagonia, Zion National Park, Death Valley, Mount Whitney, Mount Sneffels, the Puget Sound, Ouray Ice Park, and Vancouver Island to name a few.

Working with Producer Brian Belleau from AMP Studios has also been pleasurable experience. As you can imagine, one runs into a lot of challenges working under extremely harsh conditions. Not everything goes as planned- such as underwater housings showing up with pieces missing or helmet cameras falling thousands of feet to their doom, or last minute changes due to whether or whims. Lets just say that things can get tense. It’s in times like those that you want to work with a guy like Brian, who’s willing to talk and work through challenges.

I met a lot of great talent as well working on Beyond Adventure- amazing, inspiring people who I hope to keep in contact with. I hope you can watch the series and meet these people, some deep, some passionate, and some fun. Watch their episodes now airing at www.beyondadventure.tv or watch it on the Hope Channel via Direct TV. Be forewarned that show has a inspirational side to it, as the client intended, but I believe most all will find the series entertaining and the vistas stunning.

I want to send out a special thanks to N. Scott Trimble for his help on the second shoot in the Puget Sound. I couldn’t have done it without you. Scott is an excellent photographer and cinematographer- professional and great to work with. Check out his outstanding work at www.nscotttrimble.com. I look forward to working with you again, Scott.

PRESS RELEASE: Camas Video Magazine

Over ten downtown Camas businesses are sponsoring an new online video resource called Camas Video Magazine. The four minute video is a quick entertaining guide to places and events in downtown Camas, Washington.

A new edition is currently posted every two months at www.camasvideomagazine.com and other Camas related websites via YouTube.com.

The magazine is a product of Furman Pictures, LLC in cooperation with Lisa Fenderson.