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The red carpet is being rolled out for a local film. “Calvin” is an official selection at the 2010 San Diego Black Film Festival, January 28 through 31.

The film was written and directed by Portland, Oregon resident Charles Gould and co-directed by Tyler Benjamin. Nikia Furman, of Camas, Washington, was the Director of Photography for “Calvin.” In addition, post production services, including editing, effects, sound and graphics, were completed at Furman’s studio in Camas.

Being chosen as an official selection of the San Diego Black Film Festival is a real honor because it’s one of the top three African American film festivals in the country. In addition, “Calvin” is one of only four films accepted this year in the music video category.

The five minute film looks through the eyes of 11-year-old Calvin at the helplessness and hopelessness that domestic violence inflicts on children. The English alternative rock band Radio Head licensed their song titled “Nude” for use in the film.

Speakers at this years festival will include Danny Gluver and Spike Lee. “Calvin” screens at the festival during the 3:00 PM set on Saturday, January 30. The red carpet reception will be held January 29 at 5:30 PM.

“Calvin” was also an awarding winning short film at the 2009 Washougal Film Festival in Washougal, Washington. The majority of filming was shot in Portland with one key scene shot on Prune Hill in Camas.

Several other films are either in production or post production at Furman Pictures, LLC, including a feature length film written by Furman. Although narrative film is Furman’s passion, his production company, Furman Pictures, LLC, works with a variety of clients, providing production and post production services for film, television and corporate video.

Furman spent much of 2009 working for AMP Studios on an outdoor sports documentary series called Beyond Adventure. As Associate Producer for the series, Furman traveled to many iconic locations including Zion National Park, Death Valley, Yosemite and Patagonia. Beyond adventure currently airs on the Hope Channel, available via Direct TV.

“Butterfly” Pre Production

Charles Gould, Tyler Benjamin & Nikia Furman work on story boarding "Butterfly"Work continues on preparation for “Butterfly,” the story of an eleven year old boy who dreams big. The short film is being produced by Gould/White films and Furman Pictures.

The screenplay was adapted by Charles Gould from a book his father wrote about his own experience. Furman Pictures worked on another short film Gould directed called “Calvin” which was also adapted from the book.

Tyler Benjamin will also be working on the film as Assistant Director. This is third project Gould, Benjamin and Furman have worked on together, in various capacities.

Furman Pictures will be providing production and post productions services for “Butterfly.”

Auditions where held last week and callbacks will be held Wednesday night in Portland. Filming is scheduled to take place the first week of December in Portland, Oregon.