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“Butterfly” Pre Production

Charles Gould, Tyler Benjamin & Nikia Furman work on story boarding "Butterfly"Work continues on preparation for “Butterfly,” the story of an eleven year old boy who dreams big. The short film is being produced by Gould/White films and Furman Pictures.

The screenplay was adapted by Charles Gould from a book his father wrote about his own experience. Furman Pictures worked on another short film Gould directed called “Calvin” which was also adapted from the book.

Tyler Benjamin will also be working on the film as Assistant Director. This is third project Gould, Benjamin and Furman have worked on together, in various capacities.

Furman Pictures will be providing production and post productions services for “Butterfly.”

Auditions where held last week and callbacks will be held Wednesday night in Portland. Filming is scheduled to take place the first week of December in Portland, Oregon.

CVM Holiday Edition

www.cPeople often ask me for advise on what consumer gear they should get and what features they should look for. However, I work more with pro gear and therefore don’t keep track of every new consumer cameras that hits the market. However, I do have some advice on how you can use those consumer cameras more creatively this Holiday season. Check out this edition of Camas Video Magazine.

In this holiday edition of Camas Video Magazine, get home movie ideas from Furman Pictures for those festive family gatherings, iQ Credit Union has tips on how to guard your wallet and home against fraud during the holidays, and Workshed Interactive talks about how to maximize your business’s exposure during one of the busiest times of the year. Plus hear about upcoming holiday events in downtown Camas.

Camas is a destination town next to Vancouver, WA and Portland, Oregon.

Film Teaser

I’ll be shooting a film teaser in Portland, Oregon this Saturday night, November 22, for “Calvin”, a feature length film being directed by Charles Gould. Charles adapted the screenplay from a short story his father had written about his own childhood. “Calvin” is about a boy whose life is changed after he faces new friends and new dangers when he runs away from home. After reading the script, I felt like, wow, this is really a story worth telling. It touches you and begs you to move.

I’ve worked with Charles on two other short films. He’s a quality actor and I’m looking forward to working with him again.

In addition to shooting the teaser, my company, Furman Pictures, LLC, will also be providing most of the production gear- camera, lighting, jib, dolley, etc. There’ll be some challenging camera movement, which I’m looking forward too.