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Ever Wonder if Mother Earth is Real?

Ever wonder if Mother Earth is real? Hestia Home Biogas just launched the commercial produced by Furman Pictures. It features a family surprised when the “magic” of biogas turns out to be real magical guest.

Hestia creates biogas generators that can convert compost into gas for cooking at home, powering generators or even fueling vehicles. Some cities are using Hestia’s industrial units to digest the city’s composed and in turn fuel their dump trucks. Hestia biogas generators are also on the roofs of some of a number of well know forward thinking companies across the country.

The production was filmed in Eugene, Oregon. Furman Pictures is based in the Northwest, serving Portland, Oregon and the world.

To see other behind the scenes clips from this project, visit Furman Pictures on Facebook.

Upcoming Projects

Humane Society for Southwest WashingtonThe last months of the year are ending up full as usual at Furman Pictures. That’s why I’m taking a month long sabbatical starting the second week of December to make up for all the vacations I didn’t take this year. I hope to work on a screenplay for my next film during that time.

But first, there are other projects to complete, the aforementioned remaining episode of Beyond Adventure, publishing the next edition of Camas Video Magazine and post production on my short film, “Slingshot”. Also Furman Pictures has agreed to partner with Gould/White Films for production and post production services on an upcoming short film to be shot the first week in December. More details on that to follow in the coming weeks.

I would also like to thank a couple people for their work on other Furman Pictures projects this year. First off, Lisa Fenderson has been a great help as Producer and Talent for Camas Video Magazine and a great help shooting the Auction Appeal for the Humane Society for Southwest Washington.

Joseph Long of Very Long Media has also been great to work with on post production for the Oregon Conference Constituency Video and the Auction Appeal for the Humane Society for Southwest Washington. Plus, Joseph provides enjoyable film conversation over coffee. Thanks.

Winona Screening

Winona, a short film written and directed by Keith Apland will be screened the Wednesday at the PDX Filmmaker’s Showcase. The showcase kicks off April 22 at 8 PM at Kelly’s Olympian in Portland, Oregon.

The project was filmed last spring outside Portland, Oregon last spring. Winona is a witty story with a plot that develops unexpectedly. It is Apland’s Directing Debut.

Nikia Furman was the Director of Photography on Winona and Furman Pictures provided production services for the project.