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The Better Than Groupon Special Holiday Offer for Video Production Services

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Offer Expires December 20, 2016 or you can buy your coupon now and use it before June 2017.


$250 15 Second TV & Web Ready Ad

Offer Includes:
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-Professional lighting, sound & graphics
-Holiday music track
-Delivered in high-quality web and TV ready HD video
-2 hours for filming & 2 hours for editing

$500 30 Second TV & Web Ready Ad

Offer Includes:
-Coaching for effective content
-Broadcast quality video shot in 4k ULTRA HD
-Professional lighting, sound & graphics
-Holiday music track
-Delivered in high-quality web and TV ready HD video
-3 hours for filming & 3 hours for editing

$750 1 to 2 Minute TV & Web Ready Ad

Offer Includes:
-Coaching for effective content
-Broadcast quality video shot in 4k ULTRA HD
-Professional lighting, sound & graphics
-Delivered in high-quality web and TV ready HD video
-4 hours for filming & 5 hours for editing


+$250 Script Development & Professional Narration

For those who don’t feel comfortable talking on camera, this offer includes:

+$150 for Graphics Animation

No storefront. Don’t want to talk on camera? We can promote your services using animated text graphics instead of filming on location.

How Can This Be?

This is a limited offer to help meet new people. While this offer cuts back on crew, production and post production time, it still retains high production value.

This offer has limited availability and is first come first serve. Average turn around is about two weeks and includes two rounds of revisions. Offer for location filming limited to the Portland, OR & Vancouver, WA metro areas and includes one crew member. This offer can be combined with additional services negotiated on a case by case basis. Limit two per customer.

Youtuber’s New Intro

Furman Pictures has animating a new intro and subscribe animation for My Boring Channel on Youtube. Other projects include work for a non-profit, work for a top secret client, TV ads and some original content.

Worksource Oregon PSA

Times Have Been Tough is a Worksystems Inc. PSA we created promoting Worksource Oregon. Furman Pictures played a leading production and post production role for this video production in Portland, Oregon.

The Gulf, Furman Pictures On Location

Here’s raw footage from Warren Weisman’s The Gulf crowdfunding teaser. It was a  filmed near Portland, Oregon on a nice cool day. The cast were a bit cold, especially for scenes where they had to look sweaty.

Ever Wonder if Mother Earth is Real?

Ever wonder if Mother Earth is real? Hestia Home Biogas just launched the commercial produced by Furman Pictures. It features a family surprised when the “magic” of biogas turns out to be real magical guest.

Hestia creates biogas generators that can convert compost into gas for cooking at home, powering generators or even fueling vehicles. Some cities are using Hestia’s industrial units to digest the city’s composed and in turn fuel their dump trucks. Hestia biogas generators are also on the roofs of some of a number of well know forward thinking companies across the country.

The production was filmed in Eugene, Oregon. Furman Pictures is based in the Northwest, serving Portland, Oregon and the world.

To see other behind the scenes clips from this project, visit Furman Pictures on Facebook.

Old Union Station

Seattle_-_Union_Station_interior_pano_01We are scouting locations for a music video in Seattle next month. One of the options is the Old Union Station. They gave us a green light to film there, but it turned out not to be quite the right look for this production. Still, it would have been a beautiful place to film. I want to give them a shout out because they are good people to work with. Keep them in mind if you have a production coming up.

Summer Lineup

The summer has been flying by with projects at Furman Pictures.

A sizable project for one of the nations largest engineering firms has kept things hopping. Details of the project cannot be made available, but the project is consistent with Furman Picture’s goal of working with high-end clients that demand professional services.

Intern Luis Iniguez, a student from the Camas high school, has joined Furman Pictures for the summer. Iniguez has gotten his hands dirty working on a marketing project, assisting with production, logging footage, editing, and learning a bit about animation.

The portion of Dr. Malcolm Smith’s video book that Furman Pictures was responsible for wrapped up last week. Smith’s multimedia book is being developed for release on the iPad. The last location was on a beautiful mosquito infested lake in the Columbia Gorge. Blood and keys were lost, but we got some good footage.

A private school promotional was also completed for another happy customer.

Miscellaneous other interviews have been filmed.

Today’s highlight was collecting bids and arranging for practical effects on a simulated car crash coming up. Nice to connect with some of the talented people working on creative projects in and around Portland, Oregon.

Current Projects

Pre-production for a book trailer and local video magazine as well as production on a private school promotional are currently underway at Furman Pictures. The book trailer stands out because there’s room for creativity. Unfortunately many book trailers are done poorly because of budget constraints. The challenge is to raise the bar while keeping on budget.

Short Film to Show With Live Score

A screening of “Butterflies”, a short film produced by Charles Gould and Nikia Furman, will be accompanied by a live film score Saturday, June 5 at 4:00 PM in Kramer Hall Room 453 on the Portland State University Campus. The score, which may be used in the final film edit, was written by student Matthew Steele, and is being performed for his senior recital.

New Doc & Ninja Turtles

OMPA Directory Release Party

OMPA Directory Release Party

Had a chance to visit with colleague from the other side of the river at the Oregon Media Production Association annual directory release party, hosted by Koerner Camera. Good times. Ran into several people I hadn’t seen in a while. It’s really fun to hear the great productions that are underway here in the Northwest. The free tacos were a nice too.

Next week will see post production start on a new project at Furman Pictures- writing a script and editing “The Nepal Documentary”- a working title. It’s the story of Mountain Leadership Institutes recent journey to Nepal and the unexpected connections they made there. The finished project will be about 45 to 60 minutes long.

Oh yes! I also attend Creative Connect on Tuesday in Portland, which is organized by Scott N. Trimble, an outstanding photographer and D.P. It was a pleasant networking event. There were really interesting people that I enjoyed talking with, including storyboard artist Dan Schaefer who storyboarded for the original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cartoon series- a fact my wife very much enjoyed.