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The Gulf, Furman Pictures On Location

Here’s raw footage from Warren Weisman’s The Gulf crowdfunding teaser. It was a  filmed near Portland, Oregon on a nice cool day. The cast were a bit cold, especially for scenes where they had to look sweaty.

Ever Wonder if Mother Earth is Real?

Ever wonder if Mother Earth is real? Hestia Home Biogas just launched the commercial produced by Furman Pictures. It features a family surprised when the “magic” of biogas turns out to be real magical guest.

Hestia creates biogas generators that can convert compost into gas for cooking at home, powering generators or even fueling vehicles. Some cities are using Hestia’s industrial units to digest the city’s composed and in turn fuel their dump trucks. Hestia biogas generators are also on the roofs of some of a number of well know forward thinking companies across the country.

The production was filmed in Eugene, Oregon. Furman Pictures is based in the Northwest, serving Portland, Oregon and the world.

To see other behind the scenes clips from this project, visit Furman Pictures on Facebook.

5 Tips to Save Legal Fees On a Film or Video Project

5 Tips to Save Legal Fees On a Film or Video Project

By: Nikia Furman, Film Maker

1. Get signed contracts before you engage with others services or collaboration.

2. Write your own contract, or even make a simple list, with all the details you think are necessary and then email it to your attorney before meet in person or on the phone. It serves as a quick reference for you attorney and can save them a lot of time asking you what you want. They just have to fill in the details you may have overlooked.

3. Set a budget for legal fees. Treat them like every other crew member. If you are on a tight budget, keep looking for an attorney until you find one who agrees to the amount you are offering. They can adjust the services they offer to fit your budget. If you can’t find anyone that says yes, raise your budget and try again.

4. Fresh Meat: Use an attorney who is new to the film and video industry. They’ll sometimes work for half the price of other attorneys. It will give you some legal security and clout when negotiating contracts. Watch out though! They also tend to write unnecessarily large contracts and are prone to bill for more hours.

we could all live without attorneys if we simply communicated clearly

5. Anarchy! Some attorneys like to be really vague and make it seem like understanding legal contracts and the legal system is way above you. Anarchists believe that we don’t need third parties like government and attorney’s interfering. The truth is, we could all live without attorneys if we simply communicated clearly with each other, had perfect memories and were all honest.

Attorneys help people communicate more clearly with each other in documents that everyone can reference when they forget (whether on accident or on purpose) what they agreed to in the first place.

So, if an attorney isn’t being clear with you up front, or seems even moderately intimidating, save yourself trouble and find someone nicer. After all, its a free country!

One more thing, keep in mind that law is more of an art form than a science. Any contract is open to interpretation by the courts. More experienced attorneys will know what has worked in the past for all parties involved.

AMP Short Teasers Update

AMP Furman Pictures dramatic topic teasersHere is a quick update for the cast and crew of the dramatic short teasers written and directed by Nikia Furman, Furman Pictures, for AMP Studios that filmed in Portland, Oregon last month:

Producer Brian Belleau tells me there will be a delay in post production, maybe a couple months, due to big changes their organization is going through. Look for an update in June or July, 2013 on that project.

Columbia Gorge Refuge, Feature Film

A promo for the Columbia River Gorge Refuge Stewards is currently underway. Interviews were filmed last week, but the hazy conditions from the fires here in the Northwest have postponed other filming for the last few weeks and it doesn’t show signs of letting up.

I’m trying to decide whether to take on post production for a feature length film shot here in Portland, around 4 years ago. It is a retro piece, low resolution, some overexposed footage, but it still carries considerable production and content value. Definitely would have a unique feel. Do the pros out way the cons?

Summer Lineup

The summer has been flying by with projects at Furman Pictures.

A sizable project for one of the nations largest engineering firms has kept things hopping. Details of the project cannot be made available, but the project is consistent with Furman Picture’s goal of working with high-end clients that demand professional services.

Intern Luis Iniguez, a student from the Camas high school, has joined Furman Pictures for the summer. Iniguez has gotten his hands dirty working on a marketing project, assisting with production, logging footage, editing, and learning a bit about animation.

The portion of Dr. Malcolm Smith’s video book that Furman Pictures was responsible for wrapped up last week. Smith’s multimedia book is being developed for release on the iPad. The last location was on a beautiful mosquito infested lake in the Columbia Gorge. Blood and keys were lost, but we got some good footage.

A private school promotional was also completed for another happy customer.

Miscellaneous other interviews have been filmed.

Today’s highlight was collecting bids and arranging for practical effects on a simulated car crash coming up. Nice to connect with some of the talented people working on creative projects in and around Portland, Oregon.

New Project Clips

There are several project video clips added to the Furman Pictures website, including projects for Adidas, a trailer the short film Butterflies, a clip from the television series Beyond Adventure and a book trailer Author Sandy Zaugg. You can find these and other clips under the Story link at furmanpictures.com. Additional movies clips from recent projects are to be added soon.

On the Verge Screening at REI, Portland

On the Verge will screen Wednesday, January 19 at 7:00 PM at the downtown Portland REI.

On the Verge is a documentary about climbers on an 18 day trek to summit Island Peak, Nepal. Along the way, they see first hand some of the pressing health care needs of the region.

The film is a production of of Mountain Leadership Institute and Fessler Media Productions. Editing for the film was completed by Furman Pictures, LLC. For more information visit www.mountainleadershipinstitute.com or www.climbingforhealthcare.com.

View Trailer

“Butterflies” Update

Just finished final touch ups and credits on Butterflies, a short film. Charles Gould has really worked hard on getting great music for the project looking for options with Thom Yorke, Bon Iver and finally landing a license with Joshua James for two apropos tracks.


Spent some time this morning meeting with Charles Gould, Director of “Butterflies”. Looks like we’ve got it got the film about locked- just a couple screen tests. Then it’s on to color correction and audio- a cool relationship developing there.  More info to come.