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On the Verge Screening at REI, Portland

On the Verge will screen Wednesday, January 19 at 7:00 PM at the downtown Portland REI.

On the Verge is a documentary about climbers on an 18 day trek to summit Island Peak, Nepal. Along the way, they see first hand some of the pressing health care needs of the region.

The film is a production of of Mountain Leadership Institute and Fessler Media Productions. Editing for the film was completed by Furman Pictures, LLC. For more information visit www.mountainleadershipinstitute.com or www.climbingforhealthcare.com.

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Production On Beyond Adventure Comes to a Close

There’s just one last episode of Beyond Adventure to edit this month and then my work will be done with the season. Producing and editing episodes of Beyond Adventure has been a very enjoyable experience, with spectacular locations such as Patagonia, Zion National Park, Death Valley, Mount Whitney, Mount Sneffels, the Puget Sound, Ouray Ice Park, and Vancouver Island to name a few.

Working with Producer Brian Belleau from AMP Studios has also been pleasurable experience. As you can imagine, one runs into a lot of challenges working under extremely harsh conditions. Not everything goes as planned- such as underwater housings showing up with pieces missing or helmet cameras falling thousands of feet to their doom, or last minute changes due to whether or whims. Lets just say that things can get tense. It’s in times like those that you want to work with a guy like Brian, who’s willing to talk and work through challenges.

I met a lot of great talent as well working on Beyond Adventure- amazing, inspiring people who I hope to keep in contact with. I hope you can watch the series and meet these people, some deep, some passionate, and some fun. Watch their episodes now airing at www.beyondadventure.tv or watch it on the Hope Channel via Direct TV. Be forewarned that show has a inspirational side to it, as the client intended, but I believe most all will find the series entertaining and the vistas stunning.

I want to send out a special thanks to N. Scott Trimble for his help on the second shoot in the Puget Sound. I couldn’t have done it without you. Scott is an excellent photographer and cinematographer- professional and great to work with. Check out his outstanding work at www.nscotttrimble.com. I look forward to working with you again, Scott.

Misery Canyon

This is a shot of the river near the end of Misery Canyon, one of the two canyons featured in the latest episode to be filmed of Beyond Adventure. It’s called Misery Canyon, or Fat Man’s Misery, because the hike into the canyon is about 10+ plus miles round trip over rock and stone.

The canyoneering episode follows four friends who meet once a year for a new adventure.

Birch Hollow was the second canyon we shot in. It was very different from Misery in that it contained a lot of mud and vegetation surrounding the canyon. It finished with some spectacular repels and fluted drops of over 100 feet.

Production challenges included keeping the camera dry and in working order. During one of the short down climbs that drop into pools of water in Misery canyon, my hands slipped off the rope and I fell the remaining few feet into the water, lost my balance, and fell back against the rock wall. The avid rock climbers I surrounding me thought it was humorous, including my partner, Brian Belleau… that is until I pulled my camera out of my dry back pack. I had had broken the flip out monitor and in camera mic loose from my camera, one of two Sony EX1s we had along. Fortunately the wires were still attached so we taped it back together for the rest of the shoot.  It was also a challenge to keep dust and sand off the lenses and out of the zoom and focus rings.

Beyond Adventure will be available for view in June, 2009 at www.adventistchannel.tv and later through Hope Channel on the Dish Network. AMP hopes to add other HD outlets for the show in the future.

Photo courtesy of Brian Belleau.


Its been three weeks since returning from Argentina. Patagonia is as wild and beautiful as everyone claims. Our mission was to create a documentary about two photographers trekking near El Chalten, Argentina. Their goal was to find unique views of the impressive landscape.

We had spectacular weather with the exception of one day where rain combined with heavy winds stung our faces and my soaked through our rain gear. The next day was bright and sunny however and we were able to dry out. Every once in a while, especially at night, a gust of wind would rip through like a freight train. You could hear it coming. All but one of us lost gear or clothing there, either to the wind or in my case I’m pretty sure a yeti stole my gloves (there’s a small chance I just left them somewhere).

They say you can experience all four seasons in a day there. Fortunately, we only experienced three. Thoroughly enjoyable. I’m posting some photos below. Hope you enjoy them.

Production Begins On Outdoor Documentary Series

Furman Pictures has begun production on an outdoor sports series for a California based production company.

Beyond Adventure is a half hour documentary style program funded by Adventist Media Productions. Each of the thirteen episodes will feature a different group of friends on an outdoor adventure. As the title implies, the adventurers take time during the show to talk about their personal journey and how being in the outdoors inspires them.

As Associate Producer for the series, Nikia Furman, owner of Furman Pictures, will produce seven of the thirteen episodes for AMP. Editing services for the seven episodes will also be completed at Furman Pictures, located in near Vancouver, WA. The other six episodes will be produced by the series’ Producer Brian Belleau at AMP Studios in Simi Valley, CA.

Starting in June, the series will air on Hope Channel, an inspirational station that broadcast on satellite and cable around the world. AMP also plans to release the show on their website.

Furman was hired for the job based on his experience producing a similar show for Blue Mountain Television called Escape, which aired from 2004 to 2006 on the Hope Channel, iLife, and the Australian Christian Channel.

Production on Beyond Adventure began with a caving/rock climbing episode shot in Nevada and Utah this past December. The next episode will be shot January 15-19. It will feature ice climbing in and around Ouray, CO. Production will continue through late fall of 2009.