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School Moves – Part 2

Nothing says professional like having a cat assist you. You be the judge. Check out this web streaming/ v blogging studio Furman Pictures built for School Moves near Vancouver, Washington. Debra spent a lot of time and money on sets and backgrounds before she finally asked for help.

Camas Video Magazine

Camas Video MagazineA new edition of Camas Video Magazine has been posted.

In this edition, iQ Credit Union tells how you can save significantly on you credit card payments, Deja Vu Camas talk about unexpected items they carry and Navidi’s Olive Oils and Vinegars talk about their unusual store and products.

Furman Pictures, LLC produces Camas Video Magazine as a service for local businesses.

This Week

This week at Furman Pictures was spent working on post for “Buttterflies”, shooting interviews for Camas Video Magazine with Dawn at iQ Credit Union and Mark at American Union Insurance as well as working on development for other projects. iQ also has a branch in the Camas high school. I went out there to shoot a couple shots. Neat program, they have students manning branch. Thanks Shelby and Mike for the extra help there.

Film Goes to San Diego Black Film Festival

‘Calvin” is an official selection of, the 2010 San Diego Black Film Festival, one of the largest black film festivals in the United States.

Directed by Charles Gould and set the music of Radiohead (licensed), the five minute film was accepted under the music video category.

Nikia Furman was the Director of Photography for the film, which was shot in Portland, Oregon. Post production was completed at Furman Pictures, located in Camas, Washington.

“Calvin” is an introspective work that explores the effects of parents and role models.

CVM Holiday Edition

www.cPeople often ask me for advise on what consumer gear they should get and what features they should look for. However, I work more with pro gear and therefore don’t keep track of every new consumer cameras that hits the market. However, I do have some advice on how you can use those consumer cameras more creatively this Holiday season. Check out this edition of Camas Video Magazine.

In this holiday edition of Camas Video Magazine, get home movie ideas from Furman Pictures for those festive family gatherings, iQ Credit Union has tips on how to guard your wallet and home against fraud during the holidays, and Workshed Interactive talks about how to maximize your business’s exposure during one of the busiest times of the year. Plus hear about upcoming holiday events in downtown Camas.

Camas is a destination town next to Vancouver, WA and Portland, Oregon.

PRESS RELEASE: Camas Video Magazine

Over ten downtown Camas businesses are sponsoring an new online video resource called Camas Video Magazine. The four minute video is a quick entertaining guide to places and events in downtown Camas, Washington.

A new edition is currently posted every two months at www.camasvideomagazine.com and other Camas related websites via YouTube.com.

The magazine is a product of Furman Pictures, LLC in cooperation with Lisa Fenderson.

New Short Film

We finished shoot “Slingshot” this last Sunday. It rained nearly all day, making production challenging. The rain added a nice mood though.

We filmed in and around Camas, WA, just up the river from Portland and Vancouver.

It was a very fun, talented group of actors and crew: Cole Haole-Valenzuela, Penny Shaw, Seidel Standing Elk, Kevin Mannis, Charles Gould, Matthew Solis, Tyler Benjaman, Matthew Solis, Joseph Long and my wife, Kaarsten.

Kevin especially had some challenging physical comedy to do. He was proficiently. Cole, who played the lead character, also deserves credit for his dive rolls and leaping through the forest.

Up next: post production, which will take a couple months because I’ll be fitting it in between jobs for clients. I’m really looking forward to editing however. A fun project with beautiful fall colors.