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Project for Adidas to Show at New York City Marathon Expo

Prepping a video to be shown by Adidas at the New York City Marathon Expo is one of the projects underway at Furman Pictures this week. While the marathon is this weekend, the expo starts tomorrow.

Furman Pictures contracted under the Vancouver, Washington based Meaty Design in conjunction Systom to produced several videos for Adidas last year focusing on the Grete Waitz, AKTIV, and Marathon 10 – a related product line. However, Adidas requested some specific changes and encoding for the venue.

Waitz is has one of the most accomplished runners of all time. In addition to setting numerous world records, her impressive record includes winning the New York City Marathon nine times.


New Project Clips

There are several project video clips added to the Furman Pictures website, including projects for Adidas, a trailer the short film Butterflies, a clip from the television series Beyond Adventure and a book trailer Author Sandy Zaugg. You can find these and other clips under the Story link at furmanpictures.com. Additional movies clips from recent projects are to be added soon.


Furman Pictures is handling production and post production services on a project for Adidas. Nikia Furman is working with Harald Graham of Meaty Design and Tim Silvis from Systom to complete a three part project introducing a special line of Adidas clothing and athletic gear. A portion of Adidas’ proceeds from the product line will go to benefit AKTIV, a non profit organization dedicated to fight and prevent cancer through healthy lifestyle and physical fitness.

The first segment reviews world famous distant runner Grete Waitz career. If you don’t know who Waitz is, check her out. Her feats are amazing and include breaking 11 world records and winning the New York City Marathon 9 Times. The second segment highlights AKTIV, the non-profit Grete co-founded. The final segment introduces a special line of M10 marathon clothing and shoes. A portion of proceeds, up to $500,000, from the AKTIV line will be donated to AKTIV.

Production on the project centers on the new line of M10 clothing and shoes in action. Post production includes editing together archived footage, photos and sound bites along with footage of the new product into fast paced segments that grab the viewers attention and tell the stories effectively. The projects will be distributed via the internet.