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Doritos, Refuge

DP’d for a Doritos ad entry last week created by Jonathan Natiuk. We had a lot of fun filming with friends I hadn’t seen or worked with much recently including Jonathan Natiuk, Joseph Long and Mercedes Rose. You can see the ad and vote by clicking here or visiting Doritos Crash the Super Bowl on Facebook.

I also picked up some of the remaining footage for the Columbia Gorge Refuge Stewards project last weekend. Towards the end I came across a couple bald eagles that were hanging around. Beautiful setting and picked up some great shots, although the eagles consistently landed in places where it was impossible to get a decent close up.

In addition, I’ve been continued to work with c3ms on a project, working on getting the graphics to match their preferred style and pace for this particular project. Tim Silvis and Ray Heiser have been great to work with on that project.

Current Projects Summary

Columbia Gorge Refuge StewardsOne project last week at Furman Pictures involved picking up an interview for CTG Films’ Back to Work Oregon promotional.

This week involves working with Columbia Gorge Refuge to  redirect their promo to include raising funds for repairing damage from a recent wildfire.

There’s also a one day shoot for a client downtown Portland this week.

Also going on right now- gathering assets to edit a film teaser for an indie filmmaker.

Finally, starting work with a musician on developing a music video for their band.

Columbia Gorge Refuge, Feature Film

A promo for the Columbia River Gorge Refuge Stewards is currently underway. Interviews were filmed last week, but the hazy conditions from the fires here in the Northwest have postponed other filming for the last few weeks and it doesn’t show signs of letting up.

I’m trying to decide whether to take on post production for a feature length film shot here in Portland, around 4 years ago. It is a retro piece, low resolution, some overexposed footage, but it still carries considerable production and content value. Definitely would have a unique feel. Do the pros out way the cons?

Brown, CTG Films, Secrets

Matt Brown Alberta Rose MusicMatt Brown is opening for Huey Lewis and the News this weekend at the Gorge Amphitheater. Furman Pictures completed three music videos for Brown today from his concert earlier this summer at the Alberta Rose Theater. The three music videos, “Acrobat”, “Free Ride” and “Little Does She Know” for Brown are selections from his most recent album, Barcelona.

The songs will soon be posted on Brown’s website, but you can preview “Free Ride” by clicking here. The make take a few seconds to start playing as it downloads, but should automatically open and start playing in your web browser.

Widmer Brewing BeerAlso, Nikia Furman spent some time filming at Windmer Brewery this week for Charles Taylor Gould Films. CTG Films is producing a promotional for Back to Work Oregon. Furman pictures has provided cinematography services for most of the project, which included filming at locations like Worksystoms,  TCI America and Solopower.

Work also continued on a confidential project for a Furman Pictures client this week.

Landa ECOS

Landa Furman Pictures recently completed post production on a project for Landa promoting the ECOS pressure washing system. You can view the promo in Furman Pictures Gallery.


Matt Brown Furman Pictures filmed Matt Brown live in concert last night. The production at the Alberta Rose Theater in Portland, Oregon involved a three camera shoot.

Brown released Barcelona, his most recent album, at the event.

Furman Pictures will be completing post production on several of the song to be used by Brown for promotional purposes.

American Cancer Society

Furman Pictures recently played a key role in a video for the American Cancer Society. Producer and Cinematographer Nikia Furman ran second camera for the American Cancer Society production earlier this year at Cottage Grove, Oregon.

The video promoting Relay Field Day for the American Cancer Society was recently completed by Michael Curtis of Edit Lab, out of Atlanta, Georgia.

The American Cancer Society wanted the Relay Field Day held at Cottage Grove to be the center of it’s newest promotion because the small community holds one of the largest Relay Field Day in the nation.

Click here to view this inspiring promo.

Washington D.C.

nConnect Opertunity Internship Program Furman PicturesMedia projects created for nConnect by Furman Pictures recently visited the U.S. Capital.

Furman Pictures created five videos for nConnect featuring students they have helped connect to internships in science, technology, engineering and math through the Opportunity Internship Program. The program is designed to build a future workforce educated in the STEM fields.

The films featured students who interned at Bad Monkey Bicycles, City of Vancouver Urban Forestry, Frito Lay, nLight and Reliance Investing. The videos showed how the students were either hired on after the internship or decided to go on to higher education in a related field.

Representatives from nConnect met with U.S. representatives in Washington D.C., DVD’s and media files in hand, to advocate continued support for the program.


I’m working on shooting two documentary shorts in Kodiak, Alaska this week for AMP Studios. The first is on what life is like in a small coastal Alaskan town and the second is on the fishing industry in Alaska. Kodiak is one of the the largest fishing ports in the world. One processing plant I took footage at employs over 300 employees and processes over a 500,000 pounds of fish each day. It’s a town where bald eagles circle like vultures, scruffy men say “Hello, gentlemen,” as they pass you in the harbor and people know as much about the history of a boat as they do the owner.

I’ve been trying for a couple months to line up a trip to get footage on one of the commercial fishing vessels. Boats are changing fisheries so fast that it’s difficult to pin someone down. I was told the best thing to do was to just show up and walk the docks. So that’s what I did- and I found someone willing to take me aboard. A storm front hit and virtually everyone is staying in. That’s unfortunate because to stick within the budget and timeline, I only have this week. Fishing trips are a minimum of three to five days at sea. On the other hand, I have enough footage to make the stories work well and I’ve been able to get some more challenging image sequences, such as the Aurora Borealis over Kodiak.


7 degrees. Across the frozen tundra and lakes via snow go in search of Inupiaq fishing for shee fish. Inupiaq. “Real people”. Eskimos. One lone caribou. Selawik lake looks small on maps, but from the frozen surface seems vast. Black specs on the horizon turn into a heard of caribou racing south over the frozen lake. Land and sky are vague. We spot the real people. They have a pile of about 30 shee fish and pike, landing several while I’m there. A smack from a club crushes a pike’s head and drops of bloody juices land on the monitor of my camera, freezing within moments and falling off. The nearest roads, cars and trucks are more than a hundred miles away. I’m so grateful to Paul and Brian for the gig.

Now it’s time to leave. This is the hard part. Asking people to speak openly in an interview requires opening up yourself. Now I’m attached to my new friends. Will I see them again?