I’m working on shooting two documentary shorts in Kodiak, Alaska this week for AMP Studios. The first is on what life is like in a small coastal Alaskan town and the second is on the fishing industry in Alaska. Kodiak is one of the the largest fishing ports in the world. One processing plant I took footage at employs over 300 employees and processes over a 500,000 pounds of fish each day. It’s a town where bald eagles circle like vultures, scruffy men say “Hello, gentlemen,” as they pass you in the harbor and people know as much about the history of a boat as they do the owner.

I’ve been trying for a couple months to line up a trip to get footage on one of the commercial fishing vessels. Boats are changing fisheries so fast that it’s difficult to pin someone down. I was told the best thing to do was to just show up and walk the docks. So that’s what I did- and I found someone willing to take me aboard. A storm front hit and virtually everyone is staying in. That’s unfortunate because to stick within the budget and timeline, I only have this week. Fishing trips are a minimum of three to five days at sea. On the other hand, I have enough footage to make the stories work well and I’ve been able to get some more challenging image sequences, such as the Aurora Borealis over Kodiak.

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