Helpful Video Marketing Checklist

Furman Pictures AMP ProductionAre you using your current online video marketing or fundraising pieces to their maximum potential? If you aren’t currently using video, skip to the section Why Use Video? If you already are, here’s a short check list to see how you are doing:

– Do you post a company promo clip on your homepage?
– Do you have a page on your website dedicated to video clips?
– Are video links included in emails?
– Are your video clips posted on Youtube, Facebook or other online site?
– Are your videos posted on multiple online sites?
– Are links to video included in most print materials?
– Are your videos shown at public events?
– Are your videos shown at company events?
– Do you post links on Twitter or other social media every time you post a new video
– Are your videos used in online advertising such as Facebook ads?
– Have you edited your promo to use as a 15 or 30 second ad before Youtube clips, on TV or in theaters?

You can also fill out this checklist online and see everyone’s anonymously results next month.

If you answered yes to most of these, you are on the right track. If not, consider the amount you have invested in creating a video promotional and all the extra exposure you could be getting from that initial investment. Those marketing or fundraising dollars could be stretched a lot further and get even better results.

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Written by:
Nikia Furman
Film Maker

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