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Project for Adidas to Show at New York City Marathon Expo

Prepping a video to be shown by Adidas at the New York City Marathon Expo is one of the projects underway at Furman Pictures this week. While the marathon is this weekend, the expo starts tomorrow.

Furman Pictures contracted under the Vancouver, Washington based Meaty Design in conjunction Systom to produced several videos for Adidas last year focusing on the Grete Waitz, AKTIV, and Marathon 10 – a related product line. However, Adidas requested some specific changes and encoding for the venue.

Waitz is has one of the most accomplished runners of all time. In addition to setting numerous world records, her impressive record includes winning the New York City Marathon nine times.


Current Projects Update

This week at FP- misc camera work for a client, development of an A/V book and trailer for a client, about to start on some short promos that correspond with the promo recently created for a private school and getting out a copy of the Adidas/Waitz promo created for Adidas last year so they can show it at the New York Marathon Expo.  

CVM Discontinued

Furman Pictures will produce no new episodes of Camas Video Magazines. and related videos on will remain online indefinitely.

CVM was established by Furman Pictures several years ago as a not for profit endeavor to help local businesses during the economic downturn. It offered a low cost advertising option, giving businesses about 1.5 minutes to introduce their business in a “magazine” format at an average cost of 15 cents per view. CVM introduced new costumers to downtown Camas businesses and gave businesses thinking of moving to Camas a taste of the local atmosphere.

“Working with Camas businesses has been very enjoyable.” said Furman. “This town has a lot to offer in services and personality. But it’s time for me to move on to other projects- projects that are more creatively and/or financially beneficial.”

Furman Pictures will still offer free consultations to local businesses who are considering using video as part of their advertising campaign as well as significant discounts to businesses who ask.

Intern Story

A Washougal High School senior is in a summer internship at a local film and video production company.

Sixteen year old Luis Iniguez has been getting hands on experience with a variety of projects at Furman Pictures, LLC, including field production, editing, animation and marketing.

“It’s been good,” says Iniguez. “It’s been fun going out to the field where we did a shoot. That was a new experience.”

Producer Nikia Furman, owner of Furman Pictures, LLC, says he enjoyed having Iniguez on the team.

“I’ve worked with youth quite a bit over the years,” says Furman. “I like to give back to the community when I can. Luis has an opportunity to see what’s is out there. He’s worked as production assistant on a small local project and logging footage on a media project for one of the largest engineering firms in the world. That’s a start.”

Iniguez received the internship through nConnect, a Vancouver-based non-profit which seeks to increase student interest and achievement in STEM by connecting schools to business. STEM stands for science, technology, engineering and mathematics, considered to be the core disciplines of a globally competitive society.

Iniguez was also fortunate to land an internship this summer because of the economy. The ongoing recession has strongly affected the nation’s youth, with the unemployment rate among teens as high as 50% in some cities.

Time Magazine quotes Andrew Sum, head of the Center for Labor Market Studies at Northeastern University as saying “Proportionally, more kids have lost jobs in the past few years than the entire country lost in the Great Depression.”

But Iniguez seems to be thinking more about his future than the economy.

“It’s been a great experience,” says Iniguez. “I’ve never done anything like this. It gives me knowledge of how the post production works. How you put it together. How to handle business.”

Iniguez hasn’t quite made up his mind whether he want to work in the film and media industry or in culinary arts as a chef, but his internship made him realize he wants to work more on his typing skills and expand his knowledge of software.

It’s a great experience to learn different trades. If you are not sure what trade you are doing, if you don’t know what you are going to do for a career, it will give you insight into different jobs you can do.”

Several regional newspapers covered this story, including the Oregonian, Columbian and Camas Post Record.

Summer Lineup

The summer has been flying by with projects at Furman Pictures.

A sizable project for one of the nations largest engineering firms has kept things hopping. Details of the project cannot be made available, but the project is consistent with Furman Picture’s goal of working with high-end clients that demand professional services.

Intern Luis Iniguez, a student from the Camas high school, has joined Furman Pictures for the summer. Iniguez has gotten his hands dirty working on a marketing project, assisting with production, logging footage, editing, and learning a bit about animation.

The portion of Dr. Malcolm Smith’s video book that Furman Pictures was responsible for wrapped up last week. Smith’s multimedia book is being developed for release on the iPad. The last location was on a beautiful mosquito infested lake in the Columbia Gorge. Blood and keys were lost, but we got some good footage.

A private school promotional was also completed for another happy customer.

Miscellaneous other interviews have been filmed.

Today’s highlight was collecting bids and arranging for practical effects on a simulated car crash coming up. Nice to connect with some of the talented people working on creative projects in and around Portland, Oregon.

Private School Promotional

A private elementary school promotional video moved into post production this week at Furman Pictures.

Production for Meadow Glade Adventist Elementary School started with filming various school events this last fall and then wrapped up last week with interviews and secondary footage.

The MGAES promotional will feature it’s good teacher to student ratio, smart classrooms, music programs, P.E. Classes, field trips, sports teams, bus system, parental involvement and spiritual emphasis.

Producer Nikia Furman has over 15 years experience working with non-profit media and fundraising.

Event Coverage

Producer and Cinematographer Nikia Furman will be filming the events taking place at the 2011 Non-Profit Marketing Bootcamp tomorrow. The bootcamp is organized by Creativeares. The sold out events will be held at the United Way building in Portland, Oregon.

This years presenter is Erica Mills, head of Claxon Marketing, a company on a mission to help nonprofits market their missions with confidence.

Erica teaches seminars and workshops on nonprofit marketing and communications across North America and is an Instructor for the Nonprofit Management Program at the University of Washington.

Camas Video Magazine

Camas Video MagazineA new edition of Camas Video Magazine has been posted.

In this edition, iQ Credit Union tells how you can save significantly on you credit card payments, Deja Vu Camas talk about unexpected items they carry and Navidi’s Olive Oils and Vinegars talk about their unusual store and products.

Furman Pictures, LLC produces Camas Video Magazine as a service for local businesses.

iPad Multimedia Book

Malcolm Smith, NDGreen screen work for an iPad multimedia book by Dr. Malcolm Smith ND will be one of the projects underway at Furman Pictures in the coming months.

Malcolm Smith, ND is a naturopathic physician who specializes in informational healing technologies. As a motivational speaker, Dr. Smith introduces vibrational modalities which assist in the process of actualization and the uncovering of the authentic self.  His experiential presentations have been well received at medical institutions such as the University of California San Francisco, Duke University, and the University of North Carolina.”

Furman Pictures will be responsible for capturing initial stand-up shots with Smith using a green screen for keying in various backgrounds- one piece of this immense project which includes substantial video of Smith speaking, interviews, case studies, graphics, animation, writing, iPad development, and distribution.