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Matt Brown Furman Pictures filmed Matt Brown live in concert last night. The production at the Alberta Rose Theater in Portland, Oregon involved a three camera shoot.

Brown released Barcelona, his most recent album, at the event.

Furman Pictures will be completing post production on several of the song to be used by Brown for promotional purposes.

American Cancer Society

Furman Pictures recently played a key role in a video for the American Cancer Society. Producer and Cinematographer Nikia Furman ran second camera for the American Cancer Society production earlier this year at Cottage Grove, Oregon.

The video promoting Relay Field Day for the American Cancer Society was recently completed by Michael Curtis of Edit Lab, out of Atlanta, Georgia.

The American Cancer Society wanted the Relay Field Day held at Cottage Grove to be the center of it’s newest promotion because the small community holds one of the largest Relay Field Day in the nation.

Click here to view this inspiring promo.

Washington D.C.

nConnect Opertunity Internship Program Furman PicturesMedia projects created for nConnect by Furman Pictures recently visited the U.S. Capital.

Furman Pictures created five videos for nConnect featuring students they have helped connect to internships in science, technology, engineering and math through the Opportunity Internship Program. The program is designed to build a future workforce educated in the STEM fields.

The films featured students who interned at Bad Monkey Bicycles, City of Vancouver Urban Forestry, Frito Lay, nLight and Reliance Investing. The videos showed how the students were either hired on after the internship or decided to go on to higher education in a related field.

Representatives from nConnect met with U.S. representatives in Washington D.C., DVD’s and media files in hand, to advocate continued support for the program.

nConnect & Other Projects

Finished production and first edits for nConnect this week. nConnect  helps connect high school students with internships at local businesses. For this projects, filmed students and contacts from Reliance Investing, Bad Monkey Bikes, City of Vancouver Urban Forestry Outreach, Frito-Lay and nLight. Six video segments total.

Next, headed to Alaska for some mini documentary segments for AMP with stops in Anchorage, Celawik and Kodiak. Assigned segments are about Alaskan Native culture past and present, life in a small coastal village and commercial fishing. Looking forward to Celawik, a village with no cars or trucks or roads. Just board walks across permafrost. Looking forward to Kodiak too. Talked with a lot of neat people all around during pre-production.


LANDA is North America’s largest pressure washer manufacture. Furman Pictures is working with LANDA on a marketing piece for their ECOS Mobile Wash and Reclaim system. The ECOS unit recycles the water it uses.¬† Check them out.

FP Production at NY Marathon

Recent search results came up with this photo from the Adidas booth at the New York Marathon Health & Fitness Expo. Production and post production of the video featured at the booth and in this picture we complete by Furman Pictures, LLC. The video honored runner Grete Waitz many achievements.

Adidas had a long working relationship with Waitz who passed away in 2011. They developed a line of shoes and uniforms to honor her. All proceeds from the NY Marathon Adidas experience were donated to the foundation she helped establish, AKTIV Against Cancer.

Wildlife Refuge

I’m happy to be working with a wild life refuge group on a promotional piece. As a producer and cinematographer, working with non profits and outdoor projects are two of my favorite things, so looking forward to that project. More to come as it develops.

I’m also working on some other projects, but it’s too early in the process to share details.

New Projects

Working this week on editing a presentational project for a local business. Also talking with a couple new clients I’m excited about working with.

Project Honored

Furman Pictures recently completed three videos featuring Skamania County. “Portraits of Skamania” has been selected by the Skamania County Chamber of Commerce to be honored at the 2012 Annual Dinner and Awards on January 20 in Stevenson, Washington.

The ninety second video features portraits in motion of people and places in Skamania, from views Mount St. Helens and the fishing villages in the Columbia Gorge to local business owners and the swans on Franz Lake.

I’ll Be Here

Matt BrownFurman Pictures completed production and post production for Matt Brown’s “I’ll Be Here” music video. The project filmed last week and edited week prior.

Brown found that music alone wasn’t cutting it because people often wanted to see video of his work. He tried shooting a video on his own several times, but it just didn’t have the polished feel he wanted. Brown came to Furman Pictures wanting a simple theme that would give potential listeners and venues a good taste of his style.