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Canon C100 Mark II User Review

I did a quick on location review of the Canon C100 Mark II. Here’s what’s hot, what’s not.

WHAT’S HOT: The new flip-out monitor and viewfinder are great because you don’t have to use and external monitor to focus anymore. New controls on the flip-out monitor make it easier to access camera functions. New frame rates and the absence of confusing frame rate variations are also a plus.

WHAT’S NOT: Although the new controls on the flip-out monitor make it easier to access camera functions, it’s still a tedious process. Simple dials would be way easier to use. The 1/4 inch screw for the camera mount is located at the very front edge of the camera’s underside, making the camera very unstable.  the 3/8-16 UNC screw mount is the only way to go with this camera. Maybe a little pricy for what you get.

Nikia Furman
C100 Mark II
C100 Mark ll
C100 Mark 2
C100 Mark Two

Colorful Feedback

This has to be one of our favorite bits of feedback to date. It’s from one of our client’s sales representatives:

Holy s***, that is awesome. I love it, what a great tool!


Project Featured on CNBC

The Melissa Etheridge project Furman Pictures worked for HyperJamz was featured on CNBC’s Squawk Box recently. Furman Pictures provided marketing video and Etheridge’s sound bites for the video came “Take My Number” Phone Book Challenge.

On Location Day 1 Millers Wheel Production (videos)

We are doing new video posts called On Location. These are quick, rough video clips, updates and behind-the-scenes footage we take in the field or at the office. We hope these clips will give you insights into how we work, how video production and post works in general and how our video services can benefit you. You can also watch or subscribe to our On Location Playlist on Youtube. Here is Furman Pictures On Location this last week:


Helpful Video Marketing Checklist

Furman Pictures AMP ProductionAre you using your current online video marketing or fundraising pieces to their maximum potential? If you aren’t currently using video, skip to the section Why Use Video? If you already are, here’s a short check list to see how you are doing:

– Do you post a company promo clip on your homepage?
– Do you have a page on your website dedicated to video clips?
– Are video links included in emails?
– Are your video clips posted on Youtube, Facebook or other online site?
– Are your videos posted on multiple online sites?
– Are links to video included in most print materials?
– Are your videos shown at public events?
– Are your videos shown at company events?
– Do you post links on Twitter or other social media every time you post a new video
– Are your videos used in online advertising such as Facebook ads?
– Have you edited your promo to use as a 15 or 30 second ad before Youtube clips, on TV or in theaters?

You can also fill out this checklist online and see everyone’s anonymously results next month.

If you answered yes to most of these, you are on the right track. If not, consider the amount you have invested in creating a video promotional and all the extra exposure you could be getting from that initial investment. Those marketing or fundraising dollars could be stretched a lot further and get even better results.

Next month, we’ll be discussing Video On a Budget- How Much Is It Worth? Click here to sign up for the Video Marketing Tips Newsletter.

Written by:
Nikia Furman
Film Maker

nConnect- Senator Patty Murray

nLight nConnect Internship

Senator Patty Murray is the keynote speaker at nConnect’s celebration tonight for key contributors, like Furman Pictures.

Furman Pictures created five promotional videos for the non-profit, each highlighting a different intern- business partnerships. nConnect used the videos both locally and in Washington, DC to promote the organization’s mission.

nConnect works together with community businesses and organizations to connect students to Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math careers.  so get to hear from students on how our volunteers in nConnect’s programs have helped them in their classwork and guided them in the workplace.

Projects for the New Year

Swans on Franz Lake

It was nice to finish up a couple projects at the start of the new year.

One of those projects was working with the Steigerwarld Lake National Wildlife Refuge and Columbia Gorge Refuge Stewards to promote the Steigerwald Lake National Wildlife Refuge and Columbia Gorge Refuge Stewards’ various programs at the Steigerwald Lake sight. Furman Pictures was responsible for production and post on a 3 minute promotional for the Stewards. You can view the completed project in my gallery.

Finished up production and post of a template project for an anonymous client and their third party client. I am told the third party client was very happy with the finished product, which makes me happy.

I’m currently developing scripts for a client who want’s eight 1-3 minute short dramatized pieces for a website under development by a 3rd party. The first drafts are out on those and we are under review now. Really enjoyable project.

Other creative works making their way through the machine too.

Columbia Gorge Refuge, Feature Film

A promo for the Columbia River Gorge Refuge Stewards is currently underway. Interviews were filmed last week, but the hazy conditions from the fires here in the Northwest have postponed other filming for the last few weeks and it doesn’t show signs of letting up.

I’m trying to decide whether to take on post production for a feature length film shot here in Portland, around 4 years ago. It is a retro piece, low resolution, some overexposed footage, but it still carries considerable production and content value. Definitely would have a unique feel. Do the pros out way the cons?

Brown, CTG Films, Secrets

Matt Brown Alberta Rose MusicMatt Brown is opening for Huey Lewis and the News this weekend at the Gorge Amphitheater. Furman Pictures completed three music videos for Brown today from his concert earlier this summer at the Alberta Rose Theater. The three music videos, “Acrobat”, “Free Ride” and “Little Does She Know” for Brown are selections from his most recent album, Barcelona.

The songs will soon be posted on Brown’s website, but you can preview “Free Ride” by clicking here. The make take a few seconds to start playing as it downloads, but should automatically open and start playing in your web browser.

Widmer Brewing BeerAlso, Nikia Furman spent some time filming at Windmer Brewery this week for Charles Taylor Gould Films. CTG Films is producing a promotional for Back to Work Oregon. Furman pictures has provided cinematography services for most of the project, which included filming at locations like WorksystomsTCI America and Solopower.

Work also continued on a confidential project for a Furman Pictures client this week.

Landa ECOS

Landa Furman Pictures recently completed post production on a project for Landa promoting the ECOS pressure washing system. You can view the promo in Furman Pictures Gallery.