2017 at Furman Pictures

2017 has been busing for sure. I spent much of the winter working in After Effects for one of the worlds largest business creating advanced motion graphics for marketing and training. In spring, I worked in Europe running the A-cam on a documentary miniseries. This summer spent quite a bit of time working on one of my YouTube channels, Rat and Cat, where I blow off of steam and just have fun making rough and rugged videos about country life. And this fall I client wanted a new intro, promos and motion graphics for a television series they produce as well as working for one my top secret clients in After Effects.

Aside from creating content for clients, I’ve working on voicing my opinion in hopes of positively affecting media trends.

I plan on putting together a future post for my Furman Pictures Youtube channel focusing on using Adobe products, especially Adobe Premiere. Premiere plagued with ridiculous bugs such as: crashing when you copy and past a title, not being able to sort video clip thumbnails by file name or date, thumbnails loading painfully slow, many trim features not working when you are zoomed out on the timeline, and poor tools for moving clips on a timeline, and it’s sluggishness with larger projects. I’ve had Adobe engineers contact about the latter. Hopefully they’ll do something about these really poor design flaws.

It’s also been interesting dealing with YouTubes screening process where random companies seem to claim music content in your video but won’t respond to inquires. It makes creating content for one of the best forms of marketing out there very difficult.

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