Old Union Station

Seattle_-_Union_Station_interior_pano_01We are scouting locations for a music video in Seattle next month. One of the options is the Old Union Station. They gave us a green light to film there, but it turned out not to be quite the right look for this production. Still, it would have been a beautiful place to film. I want to give them a shout out because they are good people to work with. Keep them in mind if you have a production coming up.

New Projects with Landa & Others

Landa Pressure WasherIt’s been a busy time here at Furman Pictures with a full production and post production schedule for numerous clients. We have projects underway in Portland, Oregon and Vancouver and Seattle, Washington right now.

Here’s a photo that Charles snapped during a recent Landa product promo shoot. That project is currently in post production. I have to say it looked even cooler in person with the misty going.

You may have noticed a slow down with our “how to” blog posts. Basically we are working on revising those to be more concise and easy to read.

We are also working on developing a new media entertainment series that will be distributed direct to the client with profits being earned from ad sales.

Do you have ideas for a project you would like to discuss? It’s highly likely that we would enjoy working with you, so please give a call or email.