AMP Short Teasers Update

AMP Furman Pictures dramatic topic teasersHere is a quick update for the cast and crew of the dramatic short teasers written and directed by Nikia Furman, Furman Pictures, for AMP Studios that filmed in Portland, Oregon last month:

Producer Brian Belleau tells me there will be a delay in post production, maybe a couple months, due to big changes their organization is going through. Look for an update in June or July, 2013 on that project.

Beyond Adventure Airs on Outside Television

Beyond Adventure, Ice ClimbingBig news! Season One of Beyond Adventure, a non-scripted outdoor adventure series, is currently airing on Outside Television.

Beyond Adventure is a television series that I am the Associate Producer of. It is a spin off of another show I developed for Blue Mountain Television called Escape, which aired nationally on iLife and some other smaller networks.

In addition to the role of Associate Producer for Beyond Adventure, I also held the roles of Episode Producer and Primary Camera Operator for 7 of the 13 episodes.

Brian Belleau, Beyond Adventure Producer, really headed the funding and organization for AMP Studios. It was really great working with him on the project. (Don’t tell anyone, but Brian and I actually had our differences at first, but developed a mutual respect and worked through, or at least around, the rough spots).

Since I probably won’t win any red carpet awards, even thought it’s an excellent show, I’m going to say some of my thank you’s now. Thanks to all the cast, crew, board members, supporters, etc. for your part in making Beyond Adventure happen, and Escape as well. They both took an army… and a few minor injuries, burnt clothes and damaged cameras. If anyone finds a bullet cam at the bottom of Yosemite Falls, please send it to my address and I’ll make sure it get’s back to its rightful owner.