nConnect- Senator Patty Murray

nLight nConnect Internship

Senator Patty Murray is the keynote speaker at nConnect’s celebration tonight for key contributors, like Furman Pictures.

Furman Pictures created five promotional videos for the non-profit, each highlighting a different intern- business partnerships. nConnect used the videos both locally and in Washington, DC to promote the organization’s mission.

nConnect works together with community businesses and organizations to connect students to Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math careers.  so get to hear from students on how our volunteers in nConnect’s programs have helped them in their classwork and guided them in the workplace.

Zebra Media, Nike, AMP, Television Series

Work last week including shooting for Zebra Media at the Nike retail lab. Boyd Anderson at Zebra Media brought me on board to shoot behind the scenes footage for Zebra’s project with Nike. It was a fun project and an enjoyable crew.

I’ve also been working with AMP Studios on writing eight 2 to 5 minute length dramatic scripts for a client’s new website. I’ve been asked to direct the first five scripts which will be filmed in the Portland area. I love writing and these stories have been satisfying to develop. I feel honored and enthusiastic about being able to direct them as well and I’m looking forward to bring work to some actors I’ve had my eye on here in Portland. Scripts are in the final stages of revision and production should take place mid March.

Also, in the next week or two, I’m told a short post production project should be coming down the line from another international shoe and sportswear company I’ve worked with in the past.

Oh, yes. Season One of Beyond Adventure will begin airing soon on a new, but well know outdoor network. I was the Associate Producer for the series and Episode Producer and Lead Camera Operator for about half the episodes. I hope to post more information on that soon.

… and happy Valentine’s Day!