Projects for the New Year

Swans on Franz Lake

It was nice to finish up a couple projects at the start of the new year.

One of those projects was working with the Steigerwarld Lake National Wildlife Refuge and Columbia Gorge Refuge Stewards to promote the Steigerwald Lake National Wildlife Refuge and Columbia Gorge Refuge Stewards’ various programs at the Steigerwald Lake sight. Furman Pictures was responsible for production and post on a 3 minute promotional for the Stewards. You can view the completed project in my gallery.

Finished up production and post of a template project for an anonymous client and their third party client. I am told the third party client was very happy with the finished product, which makes me happy.

I’m currently developing scripts for a client who want’s eight 1-3 minute short dramatized pieces for a website under development by a 3rd party. The first drafts are out on those and we are under review now. Really enjoyable project.

Other creative works making their way through the machine too.