Doritos, Refuge

DP’d for a Doritos ad entry last week created by Jonathan Natiuk. We had a lot of fun filming with friends I hadn’t seen or worked with much recently including Jonathan Natiuk, Joseph Long and Mercedes Rose. You can see the ad and vote by clicking here or visiting Doritos Crash the Super Bowl on Facebook.

I also picked up some of the remaining footage for the Columbia Gorge Refuge Stewards project last weekend. Towards the end I came across a couple bald eagles that were hanging around. Beautiful setting and picked up some great shots, although the eagles consistently landed in places where it was impossible to get a decent close up.

In addition, I’ve been continued to work with c3ms on a project, working on getting the graphics to match their preferred style and pace for this particular project. Tim Silvis and Ray Heiser have been great to work with on that project.