Columbia Gorge Refuge, Feature Film

A promo for the Columbia River Gorge Refuge Stewards is currently underway. Interviews were filmed last week, but the hazy conditions from the fires here in the Northwest have postponed other filming for the last few weeks and it doesn’t show signs of letting up.

I’m trying to decide whether to take on post production for a feature length film shot here in Portland, around 4 years ago. It is a retro piece, low resolution, some overexposed footage, but it still carries considerable production and content value. Definitely would have a unique feel. Do the pros out way the cons?

Brown, CTG Films, Secrets

Matt Brown Alberta Rose MusicMatt Brown is opening for Huey Lewis and the News this weekend at the Gorge Amphitheater. Furman Pictures completed three music videos for Brown today from his concert earlier this summer at the Alberta Rose Theater. The three music videos, “Acrobat”, “Free Ride” and “Little Does She Know” for Brown are selections from his most recent album, Barcelona.

The songs will soon be posted on Brown’s website, but you can preview “Free Ride” by clicking here. The make take a few seconds to start playing as it downloads, but should automatically open and start playing in your web browser.

Widmer Brewing BeerAlso, Nikia Furman spent some time filming at Windmer Brewery this week for Charles Taylor Gould Films. CTG Films is producing a promotional for Back to Work Oregon. Furman pictures has provided cinematography services for most of the project, which included filming at locations like WorksystomsTCI America and Solopower.

Work also continued on a confidential project for a Furman Pictures client this week.

Landa ECOS

Landa Furman Pictures recently completed post production on a project for Landa promoting the ECOS pressure washing system. You can view the promo in Furman Pictures Gallery.