FP Production at NY Marathon

Recent search results came up with this photo from the Adidas booth at the New York Marathon Health & Fitness Expo. Production and post production of the video featured at the booth and in this picture we complete by Furman Pictures, LLC. The video honored runner Grete Waitz many achievements.

Adidas had a long working relationship with Waitz who passed away in 2011. They developed a line of shoes and uniforms to honor her. All proceeds from the NY Marathon Adidas experience were donated to the foundation she helped establish, AKTIV Against Cancer.

Wildlife Refuge

I’m happy to be working with a wild life refuge group on a promotional piece. As a producer and cinematographer, working with non profits and outdoor projects are two of my favorite things, so looking forward to that project. More to come as it develops.

I’m also working on some other projects, but it’s too early in the process to share details.