Setting a Direction

I went sledding with some friends this last weekend up at Mount Hood. Great times- watched my wife take a spectacular sledding wipe-out. She did a double cartwheel followed by a head-plant in the snow. Fortunately she came out of it unscathed.

On the way back, we began talking about life, families, careers. In a creative job, or any job for that matter, it’s easy to get caught up in paying the bills, lining up jobs that pay well more than the one’s that are true to one’s creative interests. Don’t get me wrong, I like my current and past clients. I believe in what they are doing and that my work really benefits them. I try to choose them as much as they choose me. I take a certain pride in that. However, I can choose which direction my ship sails.

The reason I started my company was so that I would have the creative and financial freedom to work on dramatic projects- narrative films, my own and other’s. While I continue to work on the independent film projects of other’s, I’ve neglected my own.

I guess I’m going through one of those natural transitional periods. I’m updated the software and hardware in my editing suite, getting my paper work up to date, clearing off and backing up projects. I’m thinking about the future. I need to finish that short film that’s been in editing too long. I need to finish the script for the next short I want to shoot and get that sucker done. And I need to finish the script for the feature film I started writing and begin the leg work for that. Life’s so short. It’s easy to let dreams and passions slip by one day at a time, but the best views usually come after a hard climb.

Documentary Featured at North Face

On The Verge will be shown during a presentation at The North Face in Seattle this Sunday, November 14, at 7:00 PM.

Pete Athans, world renowned mountaineer, will be speaking about the pressing need for health care in the Himalayas as he introduces the Mountain Leadership Institute film, On The Verge, Climbing for Health Care in Nepal. The film chronicles an expedition’s climb of 20,305’ Island Peak in the Himalayas. It emphasizes the need for health care throughout the region but focuses particularly on the region of Kumari, where their head Nepali guide lives. MLI Executive Director, Les Zollbrecht and other expedition members will also present at the event.

Post production for the 54 minute On The Verge documentary was completed by Furman Pictures, LLC. For more information about the event and MLI, visit