Paper Work Friday

It’s paper work Friday, here at Furman Pictures. All the paper work is finally off to the accountant. I evidently really believe in tax cutting since I labeled the 2009 tax folder “Taxex”. In any case, I’m glad to move on to other things… like paying bills and filing papers.

I’ve also been working lining up the next edition of Camas Video Magagazine- for some time now, actually. Today, we finally got everyone’s schedules coordinated and were able to lock down a production day. That was nice.

Other things that are making Paper Work Friday enjoyable are- its Friday – and I rode the motorcycle to work today and on to my accountant in Vancouver, so, it’s a good Friday.

New & Improved

The Furman Pictures website is new and improved. It has slimmed down a bit, loosing a number of unnecessary pages, while adding more visual content- especially on the “story” page witch features video clips from Furman Pictures productions. Video clips and information about more recent projects have also been added.


Spent some time this morning meeting with Charles Gould, Director of “Butterflies”. Looks like we’ve got it got the film about locked- just a couple screen tests. Then it’s on to color correction and audio- a cool relationship developing there.  More info to come.

Back To Business

A friend mentioned the other day that I haven’t given an update recently. The short of it is, I’ve taken some time off as my wife and I moved into our new house. While there are plenty of projects to keep me entertained there, it’s time to get back to the good stuff here- like finishing up sound on “Butterflies.”