Film Goes to San Diego Black Film Festival

‘Calvin” is an official selection of, the 2010 San Diego Black Film Festival, one of the largest black film festivals in the United States.

Directed by Charles Gould and set the music of Radiohead (licensed), the five minute film was accepted under the music video category.

Nikia Furman was the Director of Photography for the film, which was shot in Portland, Oregon. Post production was completed at Furman Pictures, located in Camas, Washington.

“Calvin” is an introspective work that explores the effects of parents and role models.

Story: The Early Years

I took some time to work on a script while visiting my family in Idaho earlier this year. My six-year-old nephew, Connor, was sitting near by, so I asked him what he thought one of the characters should be named. He insisted the name to use was “John.” My nephew then started with an endless stream of suggestions and questions. With so many ideas, I asked him to write a story for me. My other nephew Gabriel wanted in on the fun too. I am proud to present to you their first published works:

The Splorer

One day he was seeking what to explore. He heard a sound. It was coming from under his chair. Then He pushed his chair out of the way. He tore the carpet off. He found a secret passage way. He went. Down the stairs. Finally he got to the bottom of the stairs. He saw spiders. He fell. Then he saw a beautiful place. He threw a rope. He threw up the rope he went up the stairs. He told everybody in town and everybody in town had a chance to live there. The End.

By: Connor Furman

Stolen Items

I woke up up. I got dressed. I brushed my teeth. Then I realized my alarm clock did not ring. I knew I set it in the morning. I went in my room and my alarm clock was missing. I wondered who would take an alarm clock. Then I found an identity card. It was Matthew S.’s. Then I went to his house. I asked him if he took my alarm clock. He said no. He also said I could go up in his room and check. It wasn’t there. I asked him if was missing anything. He said no. Then I went back to my house and called detective I.M. Sly. He secured the house and went in and asked me what I was missing and I said my alarm clock and he wrote down in his note book: missing alarm clock. Then he went in my room and found my alarm clock. Then he said to me, this is going to be easy. Then he said the robber hid your alarm clock to make you think he stole it. Then I said, what else would he steal than my alarm clock? Then said he said, he stole your mp3. Then I said, did you find any finger prints? And then he looked down and saw an identity card and another and another and another. He saw four different identity cards. Then he said that is going to be confusing. And then he said to me, Did you see anything? And I said yes I saw a dark shadow. Then he said, Did you see anything? Yes, I did. I saw a tall dark figure that looked like a man. The next morning I woke up at three o’clock in the morning and saw the crook steeling my cell phone! I ran downstairs. I ran downstairs and called detective I.M. Sly. Just as he jumped out the window detective I.M. Sly was already there. And he arrested him. The end.

By Gabriel Furman