Beyond Adventure- Desert to Summit

I’m headed out to film on the last episode of Beyond Adventure this weekend with Series Producer and Episode Producer Brian Belleau and Assistant Nathan Mitts. The episode follows a group of men on a journey from the lowest point in the United States’ lower 48 to the highest point. The group will be cycling from Death Valley to Mount Whitney, then ditching their bikes to summit the mountain on foot.

As Associate Producer for the series, I’ve produced and shot the seven episodes I am responsible for (the season contains thirteen episodes). Six of those episodes of been edited and are either ready for air or in post at AMP studios where they are sweetening audio and adding graphics.

Several episodes are already broadcasting online. See In addition, The Hope Channel, available on DirectTV, began broadcasting the series this month.

It’s been a long, packed year working on this series, full of amazing places and experiences. I’ve definately hit a person record for the most bears seen in one year- thirteen to date, including a not so happy mom with two cubs. There were actually fifteen sightings if you count the two bears I heard crossing the rivers in the night just below our camps in Yosemite as I slept on the picknic tables, although It could have been a person with A LOT of long shaggy wet hair shaking off.

The fun isn’t ¬†over yet. The desert is going to be hot and Mount Whitney already has a bit of snow.