Camas Video Magazine

Check out Camas Video Magazine It’s a video project I’ve been working on with the local businesses to help stimulate business downtown. I’ll blog more about this later on. In the mean time, feel free to post your comments.

Misery Canyon

This is a shot of the river near the end of Misery Canyon, one of the two canyons featured in the latest episode to be filmed of Beyond Adventure. It’s called Misery Canyon, or Fat Man’s Misery, because the hike into the canyon is about 10+ plus miles round trip over rock and stone.

The canyoneering episode follows four friends who meet once a year for a new adventure.

Birch Hollow was the second canyon we shot in. It was very different from Misery in that it contained a lot of mud and vegetation surrounding the canyon. It finished with some spectacular repels and fluted drops of over 100 feet.

Production challenges included keeping the camera dry and in working order. During one of the short down climbs that drop into pools of water in Misery canyon, my hands slipped off the rope and I fell the remaining few feet into the water, lost my balance, and fell back against the rock wall. The avid rock climbers I surrounding me thought it was humorous, including my partner, Brian Belleau… that is until I pulled my camera out of my dry back pack. I had had broken the flip out monitor and in camera mic loose from my camera, one of two Sony EX1s we had along. Fortunately the wires were still attached so we taped it back together for the rest of the shoot.  It was also a challenge to keep dust and sand off the lenses and out of the zoom and focus rings.

Beyond Adventure will be available for view in June, 2009 at and later through Hope Channel on the Dish Network. AMP hopes to add other HD outlets for the show in the future.

Photo courtesy of Brian Belleau.

Zion National Park

I’m headed to Zion National Park tomorrow morning to shoot a canyoneering episode of Beyond Adventure. We’ll be shooting in two slot canyons just outside the park. Should be spectacular images. I’m looking forward to some good times with enjoyable people.