Editing on the Ouray ice climbing episode of Beyond Adventure is coming along. Going through the footage has been a lot of fun because there’s just so much dramatic footage. Editing on the episode should be complete within a week or so. Then the project is off to AMP for audio, color correction, graphics, etc.

Beyond Adventures is scheduled for release in June. Outlets will be announced on this website and on the official Beyond Adventure website.

Motion Picture Workshop for Native American Youth

Producer and owner of Furman Pictures, Nikia Furman, will present a one hour motion picture workshop April 28 for the NAYA Early College Academy in Portland, Oregon. The one hour workshop will include an introduction to the elements of motion picture, hands on camera, lighting and sound techniques, some visual stimulants, and a question and answer period to help get young film makers on their way to creative genius.

Winona Screening

Winona, a short film written and directed by Keith Apland will be screened the Wednesday at the PDX Filmmaker’s Showcase. The showcase kicks off April 22 at 8 PM at Kelly’s Olympian in Portland, Oregon.

The project was filmed last spring outside Portland, Oregon last spring. Winona is a witty story with a plot that develops unexpectedly. It is Apland’s Directing Debut.

Nikia Furman was the Director of Photography on Winona and Furman Pictures provided production services for the project.


Its been three weeks since returning from Argentina. Patagonia is as wild and beautiful as everyone claims. Our mission was to create a documentary about two photographers trekking near El Chalten, Argentina. Their goal was to find unique views of the impressive landscape.

We had spectacular weather with the exception of one day where rain combined with heavy winds stung our faces and my soaked through our rain gear. The next day was bright and sunny however and we were able to dry out. Every once in a while, especially at night, a gust of wind would rip through like a freight train. You could hear it coming. All but one of us lost gear or clothing there, either to the wind or in my case I’m pretty sure a yeti stole my gloves (there’s a small chance I just left them somewhere).

They say you can experience all four seasons in a day there. Fortunately, we only experienced three. Thoroughly enjoyable. I’m posting some photos below. Hope you enjoy them.