Ice Climbing, Diving, Patagonia & Skiing

As the Associate Producer of Beyond Adventure, an outdoor documentary series, I’ve been on the go lately.

In January, Producer Brian Belleau and I traveled to Ouray Colorado to shoot an ice climbing episode.  It was a challenge trying to stay clear of a constant barrage of ice chunks falling from the climbers on a 1000 foot frozen waterfall.

The scuba diving episode in the Puget Sound this last week was filled with technical challenges, especially with the Gates camera housing missing the holder for a green water filter. The housing¬† reportedly spent the last year in Antarctica with National Geographic. Somewhere in between the filter holder went missing, which the rental company didn’t catch when we picked it up. That will unfortunately lead to a re-shoot, likely in April. Hopefully we’ll be able to get shots of giant eels and the worlds largest species of octopus.

But first, its off to Argentina for a trekking episode in Patagonia. To say I’m excited about shooting in the iconic location would be an understatement. Patagonia will be followed by a back country skiing in North Idaho, near where I grew up.

A special thanks is due to those who have volunteered for the show. You are very generous to let us come on your adventures.

Stay tuned for updates on these and other episodes.