Production Begins On Outdoor Documentary Series

Furman Pictures has begun production on an outdoor sports series for a California based production company.

Beyond Adventure is a half hour documentary style program funded by Adventist Media Productions. Each of the thirteen episodes will feature a different group of friends on an outdoor adventure. As the title implies, the adventurers take time during the show to talk about their personal journey and how being in the outdoors inspires them.

As Associate Producer for the series, Nikia Furman, owner of Furman Pictures, will produce seven of the thirteen episodes for AMP. Editing services for the seven episodes will also be completed at Furman Pictures, located in near Vancouver, WA. The other six episodes will be produced by the series’ Producer Brian Belleau at AMP Studios in Simi Valley, CA.

Starting in June, the series will air on Hope Channel, an inspirational station that broadcast on satellite and cable around the world. AMP also plans to release the show on their website.

Furman was hired for the job based on his experience producing a similar show for Blue Mountain Television called Escape, which aired from 2004 to 2006 on the Hope Channel, iLife, and the Australian Christian Channel.

Production on Beyond Adventure began with a caving/rock climbing episode shot in Nevada and Utah this past December. The next episode will be shot January 15-19. It will feature ice climbing in and around Ouray, CO. Production will continue through late fall of 2009.

“Secret of the Desert Lights”

“Secret of the Desert Lights” is the most recent literary accomplishment in a long list of books written by author Sandy Zaugg which include the children’s adventure series, “The Shoebox Kids.” I have the pleasure of shooting a short project for Sandy this next week.

This isn’t my first interaction with Sandy Zaugg. I enjoyed discussing religion and literature with Sandy (in between her frequent and lengthy trips abroad) during a weekly group meeting we both attended while I lived in Walla Walla, WA. I look foreword to working with Sandy, if only briefly, in creating a video introduction to her new book.