Film Teaser

I’ll be shooting a film teaser in Portland, Oregon this Saturday night, November 22, for “Calvin”, a feature length film being directed by Charles Gould. Charles adapted the screenplay from a short story his father had written about his own childhood. “Calvin” is about a boy whose life is changed after he faces new friends and new dangers when he runs away from home. After reading the script, I felt like, wow, this is really a story worth telling. It touches you and begs you to move.

I’ve worked with Charles on two other short films. He’s a quality actor and I’m looking forward to working with him again.

In addition to shooting the teaser, my company, Furman Pictures, LLC, will also be providing most of the production gear- camera, lighting, jib, dolley, etc. There’ll be some challenging camera movement, which I’m looking forward too.

New Short Film

We finished shoot “Slingshot” this last Sunday. It rained nearly all day, making production challenging. The rain added a nice mood though.

We filmed in and around Camas, WA, just up the river from Portland and Vancouver.

It was a very fun, talented group of actors and crew: Cole Haole-Valenzuela, Penny Shaw, Seidel Standing Elk, Kevin Mannis, Charles Gould, Matthew Solis, Tyler Benjaman, Matthew Solis, Joseph Long and my wife, Kaarsten.

Kevin especially had some challenging physical comedy to do. He was proficiently. Cole, who played the lead character, also deserves credit for his dive rolls and leaping through the forest.

Up next: post production, which will take a couple months because I’ll be fitting it in between jobs for clients. I’m really looking forward to editing however. A fun project with beautiful fall colors.