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Nikia Furman

Director, Cinematographer, Writer

Director, Cinematographer and Writer Nikia Furman experienced in developing television series for broadcast television, television ads and marketing videos. In addition he has experience soliciting major gifts and working with many non-profits in developing fundraising media which, on average, sees a 25% greater return than the competition. With an eye for detail and a passion for nature, Nikia has filmed in places like the Artic Circle, Patagonia and the summit of Mt. Rainier. He enjoys telling creative stories that reveal truth and influences perspectives. Nikia Furman Holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Mass Communication with an emphasis in Media.

Brian Belleau

Producer, General Production

Southern California based producer Brian Belleau brings over 15 years of experience in broadcast, live event, corporate production management. Whether it’s a travel series for television or a large event, his passion is developing an idea into a reality. Brian is also a dedicated visual artist who loves getting behind the camera or the computer monitor to bring stories to life. When he’s not working, he’s usually found either playing with his kids, playing in the mountains, or on a good day, both.

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Ifthe world never stops changing, then why should we? Why not break out of the status quo? Try asking yourself:

With fresh tools, could we perform better?

But effective media is not just about new ideas. Here are some questions we like to ask:

1. What are your goals and dreams?

2. What is working for you?

3. What are your challenges?

4. Would following a trend or starting a trend help you more?

5. Are we really listening and being true to your vision?

6. How can we be thorough and streamline our interaction?

Let’s talk. Maybe you aren’t ready to fully commit to a project but you have questions or ideas for the future. We are happy to simply discuss ideas and help you plan, no pressure. Send an email, call, or meet us for coffee. Let’s see if we are a good fit.

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What is the difference between marketing and fundraising?
Effective marketing convinces people they want or need a product or service while effective fundraising convinces individuals that other people need their products or services.

Is a fundraising video really all that different?
Creating an effective fundraising video is a detailed process requiring specific elements that even many seasoned fundraisers and development directors overlook. Ask about our 15 Point Analysis that helps our non-profit clients fundraise, on average, 25% more.

What about DIY video?
Do it yourself video, or user generated video, can help your campaign, but studies show professional video is more effective. Also, many companies big and small underestimate the complexity and significant time it takes to create quality video. Even large organizations that have video savvy employees or departments can be overwhelmed with the other media and marketing projects, often delaying increased profits from video by months and even years.

Client Testimonials

Working with Nikia and Charles was a great experience. They helped us tell a complicated story in a compelling and clear way! The investment has more than paid off, not only did they help capture the success of our project through film, they created a compelling reason for our funders to REINVEST …and they did!!!

John Gardner
Director of Business Services

Holy ****, that is awesome. I love it, what a great tool!

From one of our client’s sales representatives.

Great work. Could not have had better results.

Gerard M.
Posted on Linkedin

My publishers were thrilled, stating that it was the best book trailer they had ever received. Compliments continue to come in from people who see the trailer on my website.

Sandy Zaugg

I highly recommend using Nikia at Furman Pictures if you need Professional quality video/film at an affordable price.

Matthew Brown

I have been in the TV and production business for more than 20 years, and have worked with many people, but Nikia is a pleasure to work with and I highly recommend him.

Lisa Fenderson

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Great work. Could not have had

better results.

Gerard M. on Linkedin

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